bringing glory to god

& the gospel to the world.

Central Valley Baptist is a place where lives are changed.  For over 20 years, our church has served Manteca, CA, and its surrounding communities by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are witnesses of the gospel’s transforming power. We believe that God has a purpose for every life. Our desire is to help introduce people to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their personal relationship with Him

Expect to Belong

 Visiting a church can be intimidating but when it comes to our church, you can relax.

We’re not perfect.

Don’t worry about having to measure up or fit in.  We really mean it when we say that “At our church, you’re not only welcome, you’re wanted.”

We’re about a Relationship

There is no tradition, no structure, and no system that is more important than your relationship with Jesus.  That is our focus, A Relationship, not a Religion.

We speak plain English.

We worship Jesus, study the Bible, and encourage each other in simple terms you’ll be able to connect to your daily life.  We believe and teach what the bible actually says and why it matters.  

We’re normal people.

People looking for encouragement, help, hope, and a better understanding of God’s Word. We really are just regular, friendly people who have found some good friends and faith in Jesus Christ.

Expect to Grow

Your experience with us will be encouraging and enjoyable

Expect to connect and grow personally.

Every week, our church welcomes guests from throughout the Manteca area. We believe Jesus’ gospel is the only true answer to the longing of a person’s soul.

Expect some help along the way.

Greeters will welcome you with some information about the services and help you find classes and nurseries, as well as some new friends!

Expect to find a place where you fit.

Nurseries, children’s ministries, and adult classes are all well-planned and prepared so that your Sunday is a well-invested time of personal growth.

Expect a practical Bible message.

Pastor Parry will teach and preach through a practical series that applies God’s wisdom to real-life situations. The Bible has the answers you’ve been looking for, and it’s essential for your journey through life.  Listen to a recent message. 

Expect to learn about Jesus.

Whether you have heard much about Jesus or not, have an open mind and come hear His message taught clearly and practically. Investigate who Jesus really is and discover what most religions never tell you about the Bible. To discover more, download the free eBook—DONE!

Have Questions?

Ask us anything. Seriously, go ahead.



CV Groups - 9:30 AM

Morning Services - 10:30 AM

Evening Service - 5 PM



Bible Study, Teen Forging Hour & Master Clubs for Kids - 6:30 PM




At our church, one of our goals is to help you understand and apply God’s Word. We believe that the Bible has the power to transform your life from the inside out. Every message is posted online so you can listen again and share it with a friend. Enjoy!